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We welcome new applications for our organization!

Your first step is to review the information on membership types, fees, and requirements

• Membership in the Association is open to Romanian Canadian residents and citizens, organizations, and commercial entities that are engaged in multicultural activities in any capacity, and to anyone interested in the objectives of the Association. 

• The membership fees are non-refundable and are collected from active members by March 31st of each new fiscal year.  The membership year is based on the calendar year (January 1st through December 31st).

• To become an RCCAC member please fill out the form below or download thesubscription form and pay the membership accordingly via E-transfer at

• The board of the RCCAC will review your application. Please allow two to three weeks from the time of submitting your application until it has been approved. If additional information is required to process your application, additional time may be required.

•Once your membership application is approved and dues are paid, you will be notified via email and granted access to all members-only benefitsThank you.

Best regards,

RCCAC Board Members.


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Membership Fees

Subject to ratification at the next Annual Meeting, the membership fees are:

- $30.00 per adult individual

- $60.00 per adult family

- $40.00 per senior family

- $20.00 per senior individual

- $ FREE per individual student

- $275.00 per affiliate member

- $750.00 per commercial member

- $00.00 per honorary member

- $00.00 per foreign worker with a temporary work permit

-$00.00 per new Romanian landed immigrants during their first year in Canada

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