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RCCAC contributes to the development of culture and the arts in Alberta as fundamental to Alberta’s quality of life, supporting the Alberta Government’s priorities, “people, prosperity and preservation” and Alberta Community Development’s core business of “promoting community development”.


RCCAC encourages, fosters, and develops, among its members, recognition of the importance of the preservation of the Romanian heritage, language, and cultural values in Alberta, strengthening the fabric of the Romanian-ethnic community.


RCCAC organizes meetings, activities, and lectures on social, educational, economic, and other subjects.


It is within our objective to offer the following entertainment activities:

- Activities aimed to entertain Romanian-Canadians and guests representing various

multicultural groups living in Calgary and Alberta, in general.

- Musical and dramatic entertainments.

- Club discussions on topics of general interest, aimed at encouraging the practice of public speaking among the members of the Association.

- Library activities.


RCCAC organizes recreational, friendly and social activities.

RCCAC creates participation opportunities for children and youth, as such experiences impart a sense of accomplishment and begin to develop the problem solving, teamwork, communicative and discipline skills that are essential to success later in life, and may also identify potential careers.

RCCAC is a non-profit association that provides a community voice for the Romanian-ethnic Albertans who bring their contribution to the development of culture, arts, and Romanian heritage in Alberta.

RCCAC collaborates with individuals and parties interested in achieving excellence in priorities such as people, prosperity, and heritage preservation, and it embraces the ideals of equality, equity, freedom, and respect for individuals and groups.

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